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Due to increasing popular demand for Zimmer resorts in Northern Israel and country-wide, and high competition among various Zimmer owners, a new trend of luxury resorts has emerged. The latest innovation of the Israeli resort Industry is a private vacation in a luxury villa.
Customer demand for more then a vacation resort for a single couple or a hotel(family vacation/event, holiday celebrations, vacation for a group of families or friends, bachelor/bachelorette parties, small corporate events, etc...) has brought towards a better solution in order to offer an appropriate response for those demands.

A luxury villa resort offers a single private compound that includes a variety of activities (private pool and spa, Jacuzzi, etc...) unlike a hotel or a Zimmer compound, along with a combination of an intimate and romantic vacation within a group accommodation. creates a unique list of every single villa resort available from our customers in Israel and abroad .The portal also offers listings of luxurious lofts for sale and rent, yacht rentals, spa resorts, kosher gourmet restaurants, resorts for the religious public and a list of local attractions.
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